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1. Software Architect

The first in our list of highest paid jobs is that of a Software Architect. They earn an average base salary of Rs. 27 lakh p.a. with a starting salary of around Rs. 14 lakh p.a.

  • Roles and responsibilities include –
    • Create efficient solutions for software related concerns. Interact with product managers and clients to model and design the software solution. Review codes regularly to ensure quality and prevent complicated structure.
    An undergraduate degree in computer science or a related field may be necessary.
    • A master’s degree in a similar field will also be beneficial. Familiarity or knowledge of operating systems such as HTML, JavaScript, C++, etc. is an added advantage.
    Top recruiters include Philips, Wipro, Bosch, IBM. On an average, software architects can earn around 8% more in Bangalore as compared to the national average, followed by Pune and Hyderabad.
software architect salary scale

2. Surgeon

One of the most reputed jobs in the world, being a doctor or surgeon is a dream for many. Surgeons earn an average base salary of Rs. 25 lakh p.a. with an average starting salary of Rs. 2 lakh and is second in our list of top 10 highest paying jobs in India.

  • Roles and Responsibilities include –
    • Perform surgeries and related procedures for patients. Diagnose and advise patients on the need for surgery. Review the patient’s medical history and suggest accurate treatments.
    Aspirants must first clear the necessary medical entrance exams and earn an M.B.B.S degree.
    • A postgraduate degree or M.D is needed. Additional specializations in your field of choice can be done based on interest and scope.
    Apollo Hospitals, Fortis, Manipal Hospitals, AIIMS are some of the top recruiters for Surgeons. They earn around 52% more in Delhi as compared to the national average followed by Mumbai.
surgeon pay scale

3. Solutions Architect

Does planning and building new systems to help run a business smoothly sound exciting? Then becoming a Solutions Architect is the ideal option. These professionals earn an average base salary of Rs. 25 lakh p.a. with a starting salary of Rs. 10 lakh p.a.

  • Roles and Responsibilities include –
    • Convert business objectives and goals into practical, actionable steps. Create, design, and implement various solutions and arrangements within a business. Help the development team understand the project’s vision while handling responsibility for the solution’s future updates.
    A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or information technology is required.
    • Being creative, having good leadership and problem solving skills is also important. One should also be knowledgeable about the latest software and technology.
    TCS, Ericsson Inc., Cognizant, IBM, Wipro etc., are top recruiters for Solutions Architects in India. On an average, they can earn 9% more in Bangalore as compared to the national average, followed by Gurugram and Pune.
solutions architect payscale

4. Architect

A highly coveted career option, Architects plan and develop designs for buildings. They earn an average base pay of Rs. 20 lakh p.a. with a starting average salary of Rs. 3 lakh p.a.

  • Roles and responsibilities include –
    • Design projects from concept to development based on the clients’ requirements. Determine environmental impact of said plan and compile reports on feasibility. Ensure that designs are in compliance with environmental as well as other safety standards. Complete projects within the assigned time and budget.
    A bachelor’s degree in Architecture or B.Arch is required. A post graduate degree is helpful as well.
    • Expertise in Adobe InDesign and other similar software is important.
    Prestige Group, Sobha Limited, Godrej Properties are some of the top recruiters for Architects. Architects in Mumbai earn 16% more than the national average, followed by New Delhi and Bangalore.
architect payscale

5. Product Manager

The fifth one in our list of top 10 highest paying jobs is that of a Product Manager. They earn an average annual salary of Rs. 15 lakh with a starting salary of Rs. 6 lakh p.a.

  • Roles and Responsibilities include –
    • Handle overall strategy as well as blueprint for a product. Improve product, handle all steps from conception to launch. Understand customer experience and improve product. Translate business goals to product strategies.
    Product Managers need to have a bachelor’s degree in any technical field such as computer science or engineering. A complimentary post-grad degree is also helpful. Amazon, Google, Infosys, Wipro are some of the top recruiters in India. Product Managers in Bangalore earn 11% more than their counterparts in other cities, followed by Chennai and Hyderabad.
product manager payscale

6. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are analytical experts who earn an average salary of Rs. 10 lakh p.a. with an average starting salary of Rs. 5 lakh p.a. making this one of the highest paying IT jobs in India. Roles and Responsibilities include –Analyze raw data and find solutions to various business problems. Create customized statistical models as well as algorithms based on the data provided. Use the data to help make business decisions, predict the performance of a product or service, etc. This is an upcoming field that has immense potential for growth and remuneration. This field required engineers (BE/BTech) or graduates having a degree or certification in data science. Additionally, having some knowledge of basic programming languages such as Python, SQL is helpful. Accenture, TCS, Mu Sigma are some of the top recruiters for Data Scientists in the country. Those in Gurugram tend to earn the highest salary as compared to the national average. Bangalore and Delhi also offer a higher salary package to data scientists compared to other cities.data scientist payscale

7. Marketing Manager

The 7th highest paying job in 2023 is that of a Marketing Manager. These professionals earn an average of Rs. 10 lakh p.a. with salaries starting at Rs. 4 lakh p.a.

  • Roles and Responsibilities are –
    • Create and implement plans to help the marketing efforts of the company. Join hands with various other teams, both internally and externally to deliver these plans. Evaluate the impact of these projects and make necessary changes.
    Aspirants should have a Bachelor’s in marketing related degrees such as Mass Communication, PR, Journalism, Advertising, etc.
    • Post-Graduate degree such as an MBA or MA in Marketing or Mass Communication will also be helpful
    Most companies have a marketing division today making this job high in-demand. Top recruiters include Ogilvy, ITC Limited, Amazon, etc. Marketing Managers in Bangalore and Mumbai tend to earn much higher than those in the rest of the country
marketing manager payscale

8. Investment Analyst

Investment analysts earn an average annual pay of Rs. 9.8 lakh p.a. with base pay starting at around Rs. 3 lakh p.a. Roles and Responsibilities –Monitor market trends and financial portfolios. Research, perform valuations, and appraise the market. Provide data which will be used by clients and businesses to make financial decisions. Provide financial recommendations to clients based on research and analysis. A Bachelor’s degree or post graduate degree in finance, accounting, or economics is recommended. Many aspirants today also go for specialized advanced certifications or an MBA. They are recruited by companies such as Accenture, TCS, and Ocwen Financial services. Investment analysts in Mumbai can enjoy a salary that is around 22% higher than the national average. It is important to note that the responsibilities of an investment banker differ from an investment analyst although the titles sound similar.investment analyst payscale

9. Chartered Accountant

Ninth in our list of top 10 highest paying jobs in 2023 is a highly lucrative profession. Chartered accountants earn an average of Rs. 9 lakh p.a. with a base starting salary of Rs. 4 lakh p.a. Chartered Accountants (CA) are members of the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) which is the only national accounting body in the country.

  • Roles and Responsibilities –
    • Compiling accounting records and undertaking audits. Provide financial advise, manage budgets, and help with tax planning. Analyze and put together financial reports for a business.
    To be a CA, you need to be a commerce graduate or post graduate with a minimum percentage of 55% OR
    • You need to be a student of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and Institute of Cost Accountants of India and cleared the intermediate level.These exams are known to be hard to crack and require discipline and dedication.
    Chartered Accountants are recruited by firms such as EY, KPMG, Grant Thornton, etc.Bangalore would be a great place to work at from a pay scale perspective. Other cities offering a lucrative package are New Delhi and Chennai.
chartered accountant payscale

10. Machine Learning Engineer

Rounding off our list of top 10 highest paying jobs are Machine Learning Engineers. They earn an average salary of Rs. 8.5 lakh p.a. with a starting salary of Rs. 4 lakh p.a.

  • Roles and Responsibilities –
    • These engineers are a part of the data science team. They help to research and design AI for machine learning.
    • They design software that is self-running to help machines perform in an automated manner.
    • These engineers convert raw data into data science models that can be scaled or has scope for growth.
  • An undergraduate degree in Engineering or other science based fields is important.
    • Apart from this, applicants with a post graduate degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or even a specialized certificate course will be given preference by recruiters.
  • Top recruiters include Google, Amazon, Infosys, etc.
  • Machine Learning Engineers in Bangalore earn 21% more than their counterparts in other cities.

machine learning engineers payscale



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