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best app for investing in us stock market

1. CNBC: Stock Market and Business

CNBC provides you with accurate and actionable business news, financial information, and market data. Real-time stock market data and breaking news alerts delivered to your phone ensure that you never miss out on any market news. You can also track stocks in customizable watchlists, view pre-market and after-hours data. While you can download the app for free, you need to subscribe to the pro version. 

2. The Wall Street Journal

If you are an investor in the US stock markets and want to learn about what is happening in the world of business and finance, this app is for you. According to a 2018 Forbes survey, the Wall Street Journal was voted as the most trusted news source in the US with 57.7% of Americans trusting it. Through its app, you can get access to trusted insights and in-depth analysis of the financial markets. The app refreshes itself regularly throughout the day to provide you with the latest news and updates.

3. Barron’s

Barron’s has been delivering US stock market news since 1921. It is focused entirely on financial and investing news. They provide trusted analysis and daily commentary on stocks, investments, and the markets. Traditionally a print magazine, it is now also available as an app. What you will find here is exclusive articles and analysis that may help you make investment decision.

4. Bloomberg: Business News

The Bloomberg: Business News is another trusted source of US stock market news.  It provides you with comprehensive access to global business, stock market, and finance news. It also focuses on trending topics such as cryptocurrencies. You can receive alerts on global stocks and summaries of economic, corporate, and financial information. By customizing the app you can track and monitor your personal portfolio.

5. MarketWatch

The MarketWatch app does a good job of bringing you content that is high quality and well-curated. The focus of the app is to deliver news that may affect the markets. It also provides in-depth analysis and videos and recent market alerts and market data. You can also create a watchlist based on your portfolio and see news and information related to stocks you have picked.

Most of these apps have a free version and a pro version which needs a subscription. It is recommended that you try out the app in the free trial period before you subscribe. While these apps can give you accurate and relevant market information, remember that you should only use use them to supplement your own research in order to make an investment decision.



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