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Apple Denies Approval for Latest Version of Zeus Bitcoin Wallet

In a recent development, Apple has rejected the latest version of the Zeus app, a Lightning Network-enabled Bitcoin wallet.

The rejection comes just a day after Apple warned another Bitcoin-related app, Damus, about its Bitcoin tipping feature.

These actions highlight Apple’s concerns regarding cryptocurrency features in apps and the need for proper licenses and permissions.

According to Zeus founder Evan Kaloudis, Apple’s rejection was based on the app’s facilitation of virtual currency transmission without being submitted by a recognized financial institution or exchange.

Apple requested documentary evidence demonstrating the necessary licenses and permissions for distributing an app with cryptocurrency exchange features.

Zeus is currently in discussions with Apple to address the issue, as the app itself is a non-custodial wallet and does not provide crypto exchange functionalities.

Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino believes that being non-custodial should make it easier to resolve the concerns, given that Zeus is primarily a software interface. The previous version of the Zeus app remains available for users in the App Store.

The rejection of the Zeus app follows Apple’s warning to Damus regarding its Bitcoin tipping feature. Damus has been instructed to remove the “zaps” functionality from all content sections while being allowed to maintain it at the profile level.

Damus core developer William Casarin, confident that the app doesn’t violate any guidelines, plans to resubmit with zaps in the future.



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